Procrastination is a habit that can destroy you.*MOTIVATIONAL POST*

Being Lazy is something that can destroy you and your life quality. It makes you more selfish because you have more issues. I didn't know that my laziness was taking over me and the things I did. People around me started to see this and since I was apart of their life, they were agitated by my laziness. NOT only laziness destroys you, but it makes the life of people around you harder. I was less social because I was so stressed by not getting things done and so anxious although I bottled it in quite well that I couldn't even notice it until now. There is no easy way to conquer this, but if you realize what your life can be like, and you assume you won't care.
Newsflash, you will care. It's your life and it will suck; nothing will feel good about losing your own power due to your own decisions. People's life depend on you no matter what you do. Slowly your laziness will conquer you and literally turn you into a vegetable or a soup bowl.
So get things done and the only way to conquer it is to get off the computer and stop running away from your problems. No one said life was easy, but if thats how we got to live we got to live like kings through hard work