Project re-capture


I suspect the answer is "review better/more often" but here goes.

When I process my inbox, I keep finding out I have recaptured stuff. My inbox will have "x needs fixing" but I look and theres a project called "repair x" and/or "fix x". Its also sometimes not captured, so I create a new project and have 2 projects to do the same thing (even worse when they get to different stages of completion or different next actions). Am I missing a step in my processing or my reviews or something else?


When I process my inbox, I keep finding out I have recaptured stuff.
This is why I started incubating my mind sweep entries. I do my projects list review before I process the mind sweeps.

I also stopped using a single sheet for each mind sweep item. A list on a single page (or few pages) is easier to put in the tickler.
With the mind sweep in front of me, I scan my projects list and cross off duplicates (or more often than not, enhance that project control sheet with the nuance of what I captured & maybe do some clarifying or planning).

Many times I find the reason something shows up is that my system is missing something about that project. Other times, the item was in my inbox, so it gets crossed of the mind sweep list.

There is a very large part of clarify that includes many questions: is this related to something already in my system? it is another part of a larger outcome and I should incubate this part in the project planning materials (mind sweep for that project)? What is the impact of not doing this right now (and what triggers starting)?

TLDR: I think a first step might be to scan your project list before you process IN. A fresh reload of focus on active projects might avoid duplication.

All the best.