Projects vs Incubate (active vs inactive)

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How many things are in your "Someday Maybe" lists for incubation?

  1. 10s

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  2. 100s

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  3. 1000s

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    GTD says that a project is any activity that requires more than one action step to complete.

    But GTD says that the Projects List contains projects that you expect to finish within the next 12 months (or so).

    There are long term projects that are not on the GTD Projects List (which probably should be on the GTD Someday Maybe list, or other Incubate system).

    Q: would it be more accurate to call the GTD Projects List the "GTD Active Projects List"?

    Not that I want to change the name, even in my personal attempted implementation of GTD. I understand that a short name can be helpful, even if less accurate than a longer name with more adjectives.

    I think that this has confused me in the past. Especially when "interfacing" GTD to stuff that I have already been keeping track of. Collision of terminology. I have been maintaining "projects" stuff for years, decades - some of which I probably won't start working on for years and decades. E.g. my dreams of writing the mother of all PIM (Personal Information Management) systems, to incorporate the best features of hypertext/wikis and task management and ... That sort of thing is someday/maybe projects - certainly not for weekly review, probably annual review only, if that.

    Much of what is in my legacy PROJECTS folders (paper and digital) is what GTD would call "Project Support". But there are some action lists. I probably will not go and rename my legacy PROJECTS so as not to conflict with the GTD Projects List (shorthand @Projects) - renaming things can be hard, dangling references. But understanding that "Projects" means different things in different places is helpful.


    Just for grins, how many items do folks have in their "GTD Projects List" (which I might call "active projects"), versus in their "Someday Maybe" list(s)?

    100s vs 1000s?

    Or, 100s of detailed items in the "GTD (Active) Projects List", versus fewer higher level concepts and outcomes in the "Someday Maybe" lists.
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    multiple thousands of both one off someday/maybe or tickler items and also full blown projects that migt take several years (rememebr I'm an outlier in terms of my definition of project due to farming seasonal constraints.)

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