revisited - David Allen's killer app can be build - and is bringing a lot of value

Bert Kruisdijk

In July 2019, I published a post about an experiment to build a working system as sketched in David Allen’s drawings. This blog has gotten quite some attention, and I have received many questions. I was also part of some discussions about the concept and feasibility of GTD. I have also posted the links to the used Shortcuts, Applescripts, and Keyboard Maestro macros, which were downloaded a lot.

Because the system has brought and is bringing value to me, I continue innovating the setup. Furthermore, Apple improved iOS/ iPadOS/ MacOS with Shortcuts, Widgets, and many more improvements. On top of that, Drafts 5 and OmniFocus are also progressing continuously (worth the subscription business model). “The way of working” evolved last 1.5 years, and I received some requests to publish the more matured system.

For me it is a lifesaver, see the pictures below and to read further: David Allen's killer app

How it shows now!