Richard Levi talks about serendipity - an exploration of opportunities


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In this presentation from the GTD Summit, Richard Levi talks about experiencing "mind like water."

Do you ever wonder what opportunities you missed before you got your stuff handled and everything out of your head? Before there was GTD, there was a 19-year-old American in Paris without a single incomplete or open loop, who looked up and found his future. This is the story of the serendipitous gifts that show up when the mind is clear and ready for anything.




This was a great talk. I love how he framed GTD in his conclusion. Of all the conference videos released so far, this is my favorite. Thanks for sharing it.


I was so incredibly fortunate to witness this talk first-hand at the Summit. Richard was so inspiring and this talk really touched me, it meant a lot to hear Richard's story. To add to that, we had the chance to talk over coffee near the water the next morning and what a lovely, humble man he is. So pleased that I can watch this again and re-live, for me, one of the top sessions of the whole Summit. Thanks guys

John Forrister

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Richard gave a wonderful presentation at the Summit. I counted myself lucky to sit next to him at dinner the next evening for some great conversation.

I'm sorry to say that he passed away about a year ago. But he lived a full, adventurous life, giving much to many people.