Slice of GTD Life with Jennifer King

John Forrister

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Jennifer King refers to herself as a content creator, and you'll find she is an exceptionally creative person who uses GTD to channel her artistic expression. You know her from the forum as JenniferOrigami. Her YouTube channel is Origami Twist, and it has hundreds of videos and thousands of subscribers.

In this interview, Jennifer tells us about how she got into GTD, and the various tools she uses. There is even some show-and-tell from her home office. She also shares an inspiring story about how following her intuition led to a big breakthrough in her GTD practice.



Graeme Thom

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your thoughts and insights. It was a great interview. All the best with the new contract. I only just discovered GTD around the beginning of this year and am still in the process of setting things up in chunks and tweaking the system (including apps) so it's really fascinating and illuminating when you hear how other people started out and are continuing on their journey. One area where I feel I've made considerable progress is in terms of archiving email backlog and getting my "inbox(es)" (digital and physical) to zero (or very close). Cheers! Graeme (from Sydney)


Professor of microbiology and infectious diseases
Jennifer, like your wonderful post, this was fantastic! As I have shared, I feel the same way. Cheers! :)