Slice of GTD Life with Jim Small

John Forrister

GTD Connect
Staff member
We have a delightful Slice of GTD Life interview for you, with Jim Small. He's a Professor of Pathology at Rocky Vista University, and self-confessed "science nerd." In addition to his background in medicine, he has studied computer programming, which he credits with thinking sequentially in a way that works well with GTD. His use of list management software goes way back to Palm OS and Palm Desktop, as well as Outlook, Word, Google docs, and Evernote. He has set up list management systems from simple to complex. (Hint: He says simple is better.) He speaks of the underappreciated value of the Waiting For list, and encourages those new to GTD to acknowledge themselves. His intelligence and humor shine through all the way, especially when he describes why he calls his GTD system Tembo.