Software journey with David, Eric, and John


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David Allen, Eric Mack, and John Forrister discuss their software journey, from early years to their current use of the Microsoft 365 suite of tools. A consistent theme is that it's not about the tool, but about bringing a productive mindset and habits to any tool. They discuss how the tools shape our behavior, and may or may not promote good GTD habits. The story starts in the mid-1990s with Lotus Notes. They talk about why Notes, and also why Microsoft 365 now. There are interesting tangents into groupware, CRMs, and instant messaging.

Be sure to listen after David hops off, as Eric and John continue discussing for another few minutes, and invite your input on future topics.

Eric offers GTD Connect members his Key Frustrations and Work Styles Survey. For a limited time, Eric is offering a complementary call to early survey respondents to discuss his recommendations.




"You can't solve a people problem with a technology system." ~me
"Technology + magic ≠ quality instruction. Quality instruction + technology = magic." ~me <while working in a school district>
These are live responses as I listen, btw.
YES! This conversation is speaking my language so much.
Technology magnifies - it makes the bad worse and the good better.
Recursive delete - OH MY (privately horrified for you, John!)
"What is the tool's role in supporting your work?" This is a critical question. For the future, how you help people answer this question would be appreciated.
+1 for Track 2 (the software journey) since our state is doing the same.
Old mindset and new tool - exactly!
Also +1 for the office tour. :)

Josh Mitchell

LOVED this episode, John! Thank you for making it happen!

Some topics/thoughts in reply to the end of the podcast...

  • Yes I'd love to hear more about how OneNote is being implemented and what the workflow looks like for new material. When is a notebook a shared notebook vs a private one? How do you ensure everyone has the shared notebook viewable on their screen? (What level of in-person or virtual meeting is required to make sure everyone is set up properly?) Do new notes/pages go to the top of the list? Inbox in each notebook? At what level are there best practices for keeping shared notebooks and resources clean, current, and predictable for teams?
  • What are some recommendations for the highest level of notebook or folder when creating digital reference / project support?
  • What were/are some of the former DAC database categories that are now in OneNote? Do older ones move to an archive umbrella when they begin to get stale?
  • What is the protocol or thinking when someone tries to turn a new tool into everyone else's? How does that conversation go?
  • Office tour sounds great!