Some context lists are getting longer and longer


how much picking the right projects at the right time with the good synchronization with my above horizons is important.
Yes, indeed. Once you are clear on the lower horizons and in control, what's left is the scary part. David Allen said it directly "you can do anything but not everything."

I think it is helpful to see yourself distinct from your projects. Yes, your life's work is an important part of who you are, but you still are not your work. You do your work. You have feelings. You have thoughts. But you are not your work, feelings or thoughts. You are you. (And in my worldview at least that's enough. No need to proove something.)

You may have had a NA at the beginning stages of some project like "brainstorm 20 ideas for widget production." If you have well sorted SdMb lists, this brainstorming already happened.


@christophe.portier :

I wanted to say that sometimes we have projects where one of the action steps is a brainstorming session.

So for example the project could be "plan nice vacation for easter weekend" and the next action (NA) is called "@paper write down twenty ideas for where we travel to on the easter weekend."

If you have a SdMb list called "places to visit", then you can use that list as the basis for this project. That's what I meant.

Could I remove all clarity with that?


Yes, I have 62 of them.
That's two less than at the last count! Are you allright?

All kidding aside, I have four of them. One general SdMb list, two for specific Areas of Focus (Garden, Technology) and the list with all the books/movies I want to read/watch.