Teaching your other half to GTD?

Mike Simms

There is a UK TV reality show where men teach their wives to drive - and all the arguments and frustration that that sometimes produces - basically ending up showing us that maybe that it's best if a professional teacher does the teaching. Showing us that when you have an intense relationship with someone then maybe you're not the best person to waltz in and 'fix their life' for them.

And so it is with GTD. My other half hears me talking / reading about GTD, going around with little notebooks, suggesting that lists get made at certain times, but she's still in a place where lists=>thoughts of work=>stress=>resistance=>LATER! Oh, and did I mention the 300+ emails a day that she gets.

I've being doing GTD since the kids came along nearly 10 years ago and I can't imagine applying to that number of inputs. How to encourage someone to make the "is this actionable" decision and never mind the "is this an action or a project" A typical e-mail creates an action but there is often not enough information to finish the action so therefore it technically is a project.

So after that here there are 2 questions here:

Have any of you successfully encouraged you life partners to GTD? How? Any 'Aha' moments along the way?

Do you have any tips for managing many microgranular inputs?



if you take GTD serious then this is something to clarify on the first date.

Jokes aside,
First of all, your other half is successful in life. Trying to convince her to improve, as helpful as it may be, is not the right motivation.
I'd expect it to be generally difficult to introduce someone into GTD. I'd always recommend it to anyone, but i wouldn't see it as a solution for everyone. We all started GTD because of something we wanted to achieve.

> Do you have any tips for managing many microgranular inputs?

Not sure i understand the context here. Is this referring to hundreds of emails that are for the most part small projects?
I can relate. Any suggestions on convincing your spouse to implement and process an inbox? Me:: “Honey where can I put this where you’ll see it and be reminded to take care of it?” Wife “oh just put it on my keyboard..” (unprocessed item ends up in stack of papers in office corner .. or on fridge .. or overstuffed desk drawer until I gently remind her about it… ). Same challenge with digital. She needs to declare email bankruptcy Happily married 21 years. She’s a successful mortgage industry professional. No idea how she does it without a system akin to GTD. She amazes me :)