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Thank you for the Mac tech conversation. They captured how I feel about my Mac. Merlin has been a great resourse for Mac people and GTD.
My Mac experience began in 1988 when my small law firm decided to get our first computer. It was DOS or Apple. I went to the bar assoication seminars on what computer to get. The PC lawyers said "my secretary can do..."
The Mac Lawyers said "my Mac and I can do..."
I had made my decision despite having the computer tech person do everything to talk me out of it.
We were up and runnng in a day and I have never regreted my choice. I am typing this on my G5 with the huge screen that can hold two full size 8x11 documents side by side. It zooms. My Altec Lansing silver speakers are placed on each side so I can listen to Baroque music while I work.( My personal favorites are Yo Yo Ma on the Cello).
When my eyes and mind get tired of staring at documents and I want a 1 minute break I wisk my mouse to the right corner to activate my widgets and I get to look at the live Panda Cam from the San Diego Zoo. On the rare occasions that I don't get instant relaxation from watching them sleep or eat bamboo I can click the widget and take my choice of looking at the polar bears, the elephants or the monkeys. I can also see my daily picture from the Rijksmuseum and a click will give me a mini art lesson about the picture.
It is with very rare exceptions very very reliable and user friendly.I know that I have made the extra money it cost for my Macs for the office, (we currently have 4 including my laptop) back in less than a year in not paying for the computer repair man.
I like my Mac laptop alot too although my G5 is my pride and joy.
Every assistant I have had has been trained on a PC and within two weeks loved the Mac.
System 10 was a huge leap and is great to work with.We are wireless and our work flows smoothly between us.
I appreciate all those innards that make it wonderful but have absolutely no need to know how its done.
MacLaw is a wonderful list serv for lawyers who use Macs. Some are geeks and others like me just love using it.

As for GTD and managing the work flow in a law office I gave a lot of thought of what to do. I had used Amicus which was a user friendly law office management program but they did not update to System 10 and stayed solelywith the PC so they were history plus they were always buggy. After trying out several systems, Daylite in particular is very nice, I decided to try Entourage because of the project center. Because each case is a project I can keep all contacts, notes, documents, appointments, next actions, due dates, emails etc.related to that case in one place. For a small office like mine it works very well for my assistant and I and its great when a draft of a contract gets mailed back and forth several times between lawyers. I bought the Entourage white paper and it pretty much is what I do. I can view next actions by GTD catagories @office @phone etc or by project.

I would love another MacTech program based on exactly how they use the Mac for GTD.

Also I would love a low Tech program for people who use paper. My collection is all paper. I love Levenger and my True Writer pens with the blue rollerball Packer refill. And I love hearing about people and 3x5's. There is a whole yahoo GTD analog listserv. plus all the stuff 43 Folders has.
So thanks for the Mac Tech program and give us Session 2.


Agreed - a great podcast!

I love the chemistry between David, Merlin, and Robert. And rather than getting "into the weeds" they kept the discussion at a very nice, approachable level. I'm also looking forward to the next installment.


I almost buy a mac after that...

I have a TC4200 (HP Tablet PC) and was in the past a long time user of Macs and use to love them... I almost order one after that.. Now my issue is nothing with windows or Mac... My tablet has an external battery that last more than 10 hours... If I can find one like that attached to the mac maybe I will jump...

Great Job! I am waiting for the next part...


Unfortunately Apple does not like me.

Unfortunately Apple does not like me. There is no official Polish language version of the MacOS. The unofficial version is awkward and makes it impossible to run iTunes. The tech support is very weak.