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    Recent dissatisfaction with my current GTD list manager, Evernote, coupled with the impending demise of my second-favorite solution, Wunderlist, led me to recently cast a line in the water in search of another similar list manager. While I'm likely going to stay with Evernote I was pleasantly surprised by a solution I found called TickTick and thought I'd let people know.

    TickTick is very similar to Wunderlist, albeit a little rougher around the edges. From what I could tell by playing with it a bit, though, it's about as intuitive and easy-to-use as Wunderlist and quite GTD-friendly. It also offers integration with various electronic calendars so that you can view dated TickTick items in Google, Exchange and other calendars and vice versa; I can't vouch for that feature, though, because it's subscription only and at this point I'm not ready to subscribe.

    I haven't used TickTick enough to give it a full-throated endorsement but if you're looking for an alternative to the soon-to-be sunset Wunderlist and don't want to use Microsoft's replacement, To-Do, I think this is at least worth a look.

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