Time Blocking as the Next "Decision Making" Criteria?


Just happen to watch this talk between Dave and Dave on this topic…

David Allen says two things I wanted to touch upon…

There is this question again, that we tend to do only the "unimportant" stuff, when we just pick and choose from long context lists moment by moment. David Allen counters to that, that the heavier stuff will come back to us at some point and will get done, because we want to do it then.

This correlates with my own experience doing GTD.

I think the prerequisites to making this work are:
  • Up to date system, processed inboxes, freshly renegotiated and organised items.
  • Doing Next Actions, actually working the list.
  • Meaningful projects. Clarify more and more often why something is on your projects list.
  • "Get over it" ie. unload onto Someday / Maybe as much as you can. The more the better. (But not too much. This goes back to see your (action) lists as a menu of opportunities to improve you life right now.)
In the later part of the video David Allen gets asked about the old-school prioritisation schemes. Basically it comes down to meta-data that helps clarify things. I want to add to that, it is probably useful to see this as a feedback loop that prompts consolidation of actions and projects lists.