Time blocking tips!


Okay - I listened to the podcast. I obviously like the idea of "core hours". I do that now except I don't have my blocks so much fixed in stone as my world changes a lot from Monday to Thursday, so that core block on Thursday may not happen due to so much very important new work that has shown up. A balancing act, indeed!
Thank you. Nozbe people are experimenting and sharing their experiences. Michael Sliwinski (Nozbe CEO) mission is broader than just developing an app for personal (GTD) lists management. He wants to make #NoOffice teams productive with as little email usage as possible since task are often lost in email conversations.

Wilson Ng

I'm personally using it to set a minimum time to devote time to a project. If I set a pomodoro for 25 minutes and it happens to go to 35 minutes, I'm OK.

I know, I know... Purists say to stop at 25 minutes and take a break. But if I'm in the flow, I gotta keep going. Sometimes, setting a 2 minute pomodoro to just open an app is what I need to kickstart my butt into gear.

If I finish a task in less than the 25 minutes, I can easily take a break for a minute to switch context/mind/mood and then start up another pomodoro.

It's all about experimenting and finding your groove. Some folks find a 25 minute pomodoro perfect. Others might want a slightly longer or shorter pomodoro. I wouldn't worry about being rigid and sticking to the suggested 25 minute duration.


Hey @Longstreet - just curious if you time block electronically or on paper? If electronic, do you use your work calendar? And if so do you show a time block as Free or Busy?
My university is entirely Outlook-based, so I use Office 365 and MS Outlook calendar. I time block both work and personal items on my calendar. One block I have is color-coded as "Recovery Time". This can be reading, walking, etc.


Hi, this is a very timely thread for my work from home adjustment. I've always bad at time blocking. I'll always let other people take my time; essentially my time was not my own. I could try pomodoros, but I actually don't have an issue getting into a zone, I just need to get good techniques to hold interruptions at bay. And to say No.