Todoist Setup Guide - Third Way?


Hi Todoist users,

I'm simplifying my GTD system and moving back to Todoist with simple lists as per the GTD setup guide Method #1.

Method #1 recommends using todoist "projects" as the basic GTD lists (Projects, Agenda, Anywhere, Computer, etc. ...)

Method #2 suggests that you try using the todoist "projects" as Projects, and use labels as the context lists (Agenda, Anywhere, Computer, etc)

I'd suggest Method #3, which is a hybrid, have todoist "projects" for the following lists: Projects, Next Actions, Agendas, Someday/Maybe and use labels to identify contexts only in the Next Actions list (@Computer, @Home, @Errands, etc.), so that only clear next actions have labels.

Anyone else doing this? I've read the many posts on Todoist orthodoxy for GTD, but haven't seen this suggestion. One thing I miss about this method is to drag a task from Calls to Waiting and vice versa. But I do find it easier to filter next actions this way by collective contexts (i.e. @work = @office+@calls+@computer) and I like that I can then use the new custom sort to sort those tasks by date added to work according Mark Forsters "one long list" methodologies, within context.



I used to use Todoist exactly the same way. Now I am tinkering with my projects list in and my actions lists in Todoist. But my setup was exactly as you described. All the actions went to either a #Single-Actions or #Projects Todoist project. Context was done using labels and filters. I have 2 separate L1 projects.


I actually tried out using Todoist projects as Areas of Focus and sections as projects. If I were to use Todoist, that is how I would do it.