Topic of a – example waiting/queuing

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ITM myself Tim with my personal thinking right now conscious.

1 give example of scenario which worth making thread about.

Topic of a – example waiting/queuing for a dentist visit.

Where share with my mother literally something how Allen recommends keeping multiple pages for note taking.

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Capturing devices while travel

Idea post mini idea thread



Things while waiting

Remember had it in book – says have multiple writing jotters everywhere you go (e.g. in bag or office or home)

What else – that myself whilst I was waiting this this appointment literally myself also felt as if – sort of limited with what I would think worth while note taking about – understand? ST

20 04 I have words stuff in my head that myself Tim should literally upload this thread to internet.

And then try take responsibility with my new system if – seem like I can’t properly implement GTD philosophy with my mental problem.

Anything else.

Take responsibility.

Message persons John F. @John Forrister

Read over – posts thread made in group?