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What are key updates vs previous version of the guide? It has been also done for v3 of the software.
Hi Dmitry, I'm sorry about the delayed reply.

You're right that the original and this update are both for Things 3.

We added some instructions for using Tags for contexts. This may be especially appealing for people who want to link projects to actions and stage project support in the same view.

Nothing in Things changed—we’re just being a bit more flexible in our instructions.


Hi Luis, the GTD Shop has the updated version. Thanks for pointing out that the sample was the older version. We have updated that link, so the A4 and letter samples now show the 2022 updated version.
Hi @John Forrister

I spotted a couple of errors in the new guide worth flagging up:
  1. The guide says that, in order to create next actions without a project, you need to create a project called "---", but this is incorrect. Things allows you to capture next actions (or "tasks") loose without putting them inside a project (if you try to move a task, it even gives you the option to place it in a "no project" space).
  2. The guide also says that the only way you can summon the tag is by using search, but this is also incorrect. You can go to the "anytime" section and you'll see all the tags are there for you to pick from, like a master "next actions" list.
Also, not so much an error but an additional piece of info: you could also create "future actions" in a project which have a tag, but are set as "someday". That way, they won't appear as next actions if you open your tags via the "anytime" view.
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