What's Everyone's Profession?


I am an insurance agent

Dane Sanders said:
Since we started the show in January, we've had about 120,000 visitors and over 300,000 hits ... modest by David Allen numbers :), but we're excited nonetheless.

That is a tremendous result, actually.

I am trying to get an insurance agency off the ground. It has been a struggle, largely because of my own lack of coordination. I have been intrigued with David Allen's approach because I use, on and off quite a few of these ideas, but have had no concept of how to integrate them together with a coherent purpose.


I am the Vice President for Industial Services for a large logistics company. I manage the "blue collar" contracts for our company.



Mindi said:
I have had brief fits of this state you describe. I can't wait until I can live in it instead of just getting a glimpse from time to time.
Heh. Can't say I live there, but I do have a time share.


Two physicists ? :) OK I am a mathematician in an Australian university with an interest in mathematical physics. Presently Head of School so far to many Projects.



Project Manager in a technology company in the wireless industry.
Also, as the project manager most knowledgeable about the software tool we use, semi-product manager and application support for the tool throughout the company. Very different kinds of roles.


I am a Generation Xer that never seems to settle down. I have had many careers...radio personality, computer software instructor, IT Analyst, Business Administrator, Business Owner, Marketing Director and presently I run my own website called Girls Can't WHAT? which is an inspirational site for women, where I discuss productivity, inspiration and following your dreams. The site officially launched last month and is doing phenominally well for my first crack at an internet business. I credit my GTD skills for making that happen as quickly as it did.

I also play drums in a recently formed band called "Amplified" and work in youth ministry and the music department at my church.

I have been "doing" GTD for about 7 years now and I learn new things every week. My system has morphed along with my career track. Sometimes I've needed intense structure and at other times I have had a more relaxed schedule. I have learned to go with the flow and do whatever it takes to be relaxed in what I am doing.


First post so I thought I'd start here.....

Just implementing GTD at my workplace.....I am the Sydney Auction Manager for Langtons Wine Auctions in Australia.




jwarlander said:
Vaguely described, "IT Specialist".

In my case it means that to varying degrees I'm a sysadmin, database admin, backup responsible, software developer and support technician. It's a varied job obviously, but sometimes you get stretched just a little too thin.

I've been getting started on GTD for about a year, and the recent two months have been pretty good - to the level where I actually feel that I'm "doing GTD". Hopefully the higher altitudes of planning will help out with trying to focus ahead a little more on my different areas of responsibility.

HAHAHAHA!!!! IT SPECIALIST! that's my title too!


I am a small animal internal medicine specialist. I am just getting started with the GTD methods. I think that I have been able to twist some of the practices/recommendation to fit with a busy, highly reactive medical practice. If there are any other medical practitioners using the system I would love to hear how they use the GTD methods in their practice.

Dread Pirate Roberts

Associate General Counsel at a $24 billion company in Texas.


interuptive environment hits a nerve for everyone I think

I am an insurance agent. Working on the start up of a small agency. First time in a long time I have not had full time staff. Wish I had learned this stuff (GTD) 30 years ago.


My role in the universe

I maximise the learning potential of the future citizens of the nation.

(A science teacher and part-time bovine excretia spreader!)


I'm an architect in Portugal, coordinating the urban planning dept. on a firm (greetings to my colleague that posted before). It means lots of interruptions, working 9/10+ hours a day, and lots of things to follow through: technical related, costumer and financial management... I'm trying to keep up with EVERYTHING (including family - I have two small kids), but the time does not expand, so I've started the implementation of GTD in the last two months as a way of making my life easier (I'm starting to remember more things now...).


I'm a physician, just getting started with GTD. I'm currently in the phase "read the first third of the book GTD for the fourth time". I have signed up for a seminar next month and joined GTD Connect, so maybe I'll get something started!