Where should Horizon of focus applied?


Let's say I started an electronics company.
Horizon of focus in my life already exists, do I have to work on Horizon of focus for the company?
With the same principle, if I am in the position of managing a community, do I have to do a Horizon of focus for that community? In that case, there will be multiple Horizons of focus, Is this the right way?


GTD is a personal productivity system. But yes, you could apply the horizons concept to companies and organizations as well.


Horizon of focus definitely includes your professional life but it is a personal viewing angle. It is reviewed by yourself. You only have one horizon of focus for everything that's under your radar.


Above projects, there are Areas of Focus, representing your current and ongoing engagement in an aspect of your life. Areas are often pretty simple: your health, your family, your job. If you start an electronics company, the company is likely an Area of Focus for you. You probably have projects and longer-term goals for the company too, and those are at different levels in the hierarchy used in GTD.