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    i have 3 active email accounts. Currently I have a waiting for support and a action support folder for each one.

    What happens is my list manager will reference a waiting or action in email. Then I’ve got to sort through 3 separate versions of folders. Would be cool to figure out a way to just 1 waiting for support and action support folder that consolidates from all 3 accounts.

    Any best practices out there for how you manage this?
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    I'm on a Mac and I use Apple mail as my mail client. I currently have 14 separate active email accounts. What I do is I have a single Action Support Folder and anything from any account that is action support gets moved there. I have things set so I have a shortcut to file mail from my inbox into that folder. I so rarely get Waiting for stuff via email that I don't even have a Waiting for folder in email. If I do happen to get one I forward it to my list manager, Omnifocus, and add the tag "waiting for" to it. Then the message gets filed into the project where it belongs.

    How you implement this probably depends on your mail client but all the clients I know about allow you to use one client to look at a bunch of separate email accounts.

    Now if you do webmail then all bets are off. I never use webmail. I only access email on the device where I will be most efficient in managing and processing it, my main Mac computer.
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    I use filters on Gmail to create different reactions: from forwarding to another email, automate responses or archive in a specific folder.
    Tools like Zapier or IFTTT could also help or even you email client options.
    But so far I'm using Gmail as an "Outlook-Like" client to manage all my emails.
    And don't forget to use an add-on for your browser also, to check, manage or even answer to your emails, at least you'll have notifications. (I use 'Checker Plus for Gmail' on Chrome)

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