1. rmjb

    Pomodoro timer app recommendation

    I learned about the pomodoro technique from this forum and never really had a use for it. I've gone back to school after 20 years and need a technique to optimize my study time, so I want to try it. Can anyone recommend a pomodoro timer app for Android?
  2. Merinmel Caesg

    App Developer Presence at 2019 GTD Summit in Amsterdam

    I've read a couple of times in the forum that the developer of NirvanaHQ was present at (sponsoring?) the 2019 GTD Summit in Amsterdam. Were there developers of other apps present at and/or sponsoring the event?
  3. Jimhardie74

    An all-in-one GTD App?

    As every person who has been in the GTD community for more than 1 week has probably realised, in order to set up a 'high tech' productivity system requires that you link multiple softwares together. You have your reference material in one place, your emails in another, your lists in another...
  4. H

    GTD App Replacement for To-Do-Matrix

    I have been a strict GTD believer and follower for the past 7 years. Back when I had a blackberry, I had To-Do-Matrix (produced by RexWireless) and it was still to this day the best GTD app I have ever used. Unfortunately they do not have an android app and they seem to have by and large stopped...