1. Folks

    GTD with Apple Reminders

    After having used in the past years different software systems for GTD like Things, Asana, Omnifocus and some more I have now come to Apple’s (new) Reminders - the reason: keep it simple. The software has furthermore been improved a lot. As Reminders now allows me to create Groups I use them...
  2. B

    Applying GTD to Software Engineering

    Hi all, Any other Software Engineers here who use the GTD methodology on native Apple products like Calendar, Reminders, Notes etc? Happy to sync offline and share some ideas and learn together. I am fairly new to the concept and I find it the hardest to track progress and timeline on large...
  3. A

    Reminders stop synching Apple Watch / iPhone

    I was starting to depend on Apple's Reminders on my watch as a way of doing GTD on-the-fly capture. E.g. while walking dog, hands full leash/bag, I could say "Hey Siri", and capture items for later review. Great for groceries; pretty good for work ideas. This worked for circa a month. I was...
  4. P

    Looking to work across Lotus Notes and Apple

    Hi all, I'm looking to try out GTD, and wondering which software (or combination thereof) to set myself up with. I use Lotus Notes on a PC at work, at home I have iMac and iPad. I have a work iPhone with Lotus Notes Traveller set up. I've been reading about options - Evernote, Wunderlist etc...