area of focus

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    Where to put unclear ideas or projects

    Preface: I used to have a GTD like system in place which worked pretty well for me. Some time ago I fell off the wagon and since then I wasn't able to get back on track. I feel like one problem is that I have (or put) too much on my plate. So I want to try to keep my system leaner. Current...
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    How to keep your Horizon 2 AOF simple ?

    Hello Everyone, After practicing gtd for a couple of weeks I came to the following conclusion. I need some help setting up my Horizon 2, Areas of Focus. Added to the atachments I found some examples of AOF but they look very detailed. So my first question, how much in detail shall I go with...
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    How to link a focus area with different sections of GTD?

    Hello, I recently started to implement the gtd method and I had several questions about how some files fit with the whole gtd system 1. Mainly this comes up with an area of focus which would be sport. Because I have files which are related to that area but I don't know where to put them Ex...
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    Next level, Nirvana, Area of Focus, complementary guide

    I decided to move away from toodledo after 8 years. Looking around in this forum I choose Nirvana as the next step. Thanks to your solid fundamentals! ;) I'm finding Nirvana extremely useful, for its great simplicity and I'm grateful to the Nirvana team because it help me to optimize further my...