areas of focus

  1. yentltijssens

    Issues with projects and areas of focus

    I have used OmniFocus together with the GTD method for half a year now. The things I need to do in my life are quite diverse and complex, so the folder structure in which I organise my projects looks quite crowded and I don’t like how overwhelmed I get by it: Then I read the pdf on implementing...
  2. T

    Another “Areas of Focus or Project” thread

    I’ve enjoyed reading the very many posts on this topic. In particular @TesTeq posts on hard lines between AofF and Projects. However, I think I’m also getting stuck in a world between project and area of focus. As part of my job i lead large negotiations with Companies over extended period...
  3. A

    Area of Focus in OmniFocus2, vague or specific

    I feel confused for the set up of AoF folders in Omnifocus. For example, I previously have a folder named Professional Development, and under it I have another folder called "Becoming a professional translator" under which is a project named "Pass the CATTI certificate". But when I do the weekly...
  4. C

    Projects and Areas of Focus in Toodledo

    It's time to optimize further my system. That's said, I'd like to ask how do you practically manage your Projects list and your Areas of Focus in Toodledo. And do you manage in toodledo your other altitudes of perspective? And if you used before Toodledo, but you faced a restriction...