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    Inbox Zero at work tips and tricks required.

    Hello GTD members, I would like to see your input, how would you action the next challenge? How to inbox Zero when you are part of an email distribution list with multiple people that have different roles and no clear job descriptions? Best regards, Darkdepth
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    how to inbox zero with Todo.txt?

    Todo txt can filter items by context, projects, etc but there is no way to filter by unprocessed items. I can automatically add an "inbox" tag when capturing items, then manually remove the tag after processing. I can't think of another solution. How would you do it?
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    How to practise GTD with WhatsApp?

    I am in a crowd-sourcing project where lots of discussions take place using various WhatsApp groups and within such groups, tasks are distributed, taken up, delivered and paid for. Let us analyze the scenario from GTD perspective now: Clearly, WhatsApp is the INBOX here which is the central...