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  1. J

    When should I date next-action tasks?

    Hey guys I recently finished reading GTD, and I had a question about whether we should set a date for the next actions. I have been processing the inbox tasks and putting date on all next actions. Obviously, we all have a lot more tasks than we can do, but I've been finishing my days without...
  2. B

    Where do physical Next Actions go?

    Where do physical next actions go? Suppose I have a flashlight and I need to go out and buy batteries for it. It was in the in-tray because I needed to process it, but now I've decided it's a Next Action. So where does it go? Do next actions get their own tray/bin? The only place I've seen...
  3. B

    How to train myself to "engage" from my system, not my head.

    Hi all! I've been doing my best to learn GTD over the past year or so, and I've noticed consistently that for me, the hardest thing about GTD is actually engaging using my system and not my head. In general I think I've gotten pretty good about getting everything out of my head, and I'm...
  4. H

    The heart of gtd process what are the Techniques for getting Next Action done ?

    IMHO I think majority of gtd process handle organization issues for example organize your stuff into actionable and not actionable to projects and Next Actions ....etc. So I invite all experts and professionals here to share their valuable techniques of getting the next actions done esp if we...
  5. O

    Next action list categories

    Hi, In the book, David recommends sorting the next actions in the next actions list into categories by context (At computer, office, home etc.). As he says, that is not perfect for anybody - for example, currently, I do 95% of my work at my office. Moreover, I decided to separate my personal...
  6. J

    How detailed do you write your Next Actions?

    While I am continuously improving my means and ways on getting on the GTD methodology, I am just curious on how detailed do you write your Next Actions? David Allen said that NAs should be the next physical and visible next action, and my mind is literally absorbing this principle. If for...
  7. kerem parlakgumus

    Approaching Next Actions for each to do, specifying beginning date

    Dear All, My name is Kerem Parlakgumus. I am very happy to be able to contact with all GTDers. Warm greetings from Adana, Turkey. I stuck with "next actions" subject. For each actionable item, I fill the table below to be able to specify my next actions...
  8. E

    Looking for clarity going from Next Actions to Projects

    I'm new to GTD and while I feel confident it will work for me I am struggling to fully grasp part of this system. The whole next actions thing is throwing me off. What i usually do is either daily or in weekly review just write everything done in my head that I have to do, be it personal...
  9. J

    What Verbs do you use that are similar to the context of Waiting For

    It is pretty much clear what are Next Action Verbs. These are Physical and Visible Verbs which the doer is responsible to do. Period. However, if the doer is now the recipient or the Next Action Verb. Very much like "Waiting For". What Verbs do you typically use, or how would you handle such...
  10. J

    Next Actions and Projects - with Evernote

    Once a Next Action has been determined as a part of a Project, do you dissect the Project and come up with Multiple Next Actions, and return (organize) them to the Next Action Notebooks? or leave them in the Project's Notebook
  11. J

    GTD Recommended Verbs

    Hi there! I have been using GTD Method with Evernote for months now, and I am still struggling to find my way hacking the GTD Method for my day to day living. One of the things I have noticed is the use of appropriate Verbs in determining the Next Physical Visible Actions, which is a...