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Once a Next Action has been determined as a part of a Project, do you dissect the Project and

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  1. Return the Next Action(s) (Notes) back to the Next Action Notebook/List

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  2. Sustain the Note in the Project's Notebook, after the Next Action Notebook

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    Once a Next Action has been determined as a part of a Project, do you dissect the Project and come up with Multiple Next Actions, and return (organize) them to the Next Action Notebooks? or leave them in the Project's Notebook

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    None of the above. I don't create a separate notebook for each project because Evernote limits you to something like 250 notebooks (unless something has changed recently that I'm not aware of). Instead, I have one notebook for all of my projects and each project is a note within that notebook.

    I also have a separate notebook for each context (calls, errands, home, computer, etc.) where I store all of the appropriate next action items.

    If I have a particular project that requires support material beyond what I can comfortably input in or attach to a single note, I'll create a notebook for that project. The vast majority of mine don't require it, though.

    If you really feel a need to create a "link" between projects and actions, you can create a keyword or words that you input in the body of each action. You can then find those actions using Evernote's robust and easy-to-use search feature. You can also use tags. I rarely do either, though, as I've learned for the most part to do without such linkages. I wouldn't suggest trying to use these workarounds for all of your projects as doing so would likely get unwieldy.

    As I mentioned in another thread of yours about Evernote, the David Allen Company offers a terrific guide for setting up Evernote for use with GTD, available here: It's only $10 and I found it to be well worth the price.
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