outlook tasks

  1. lannison

    Excluding task folders from todo panel on outlook

    Hi guys, Small technical question here. I've gone through Kelly's fantastic series on GTD outlook and set up next action, projects, reference and someday maybe in the 'tasks' section of outlook. I've also added a panel on the main email page quickly showing tasks, so I don't have to dive...
  2. ChristinaSkaskiw

    Outlook Tasks on android phone

    Hi, Does anyone here use Outlook Tasks on their android phone? I'm using it on my laptop, but have not found a way to access Tasks on the phone. I sync the calender and e-mail fine. Thanks! /Christina
  3. R

    Outlook task catagories too complex

    I use Outlook tasks for context and non-context tasks and actions. i.e. 1. Today 2. Call 3. Office 4.Errands 5. etc. etc. DRP - Joe Bloggs (Direct Report tasks) DRP - John Smith etc. DRP - etc. etc. Project - management Meeting Project - Finance Project - etc. etc. My categorised task list is a...