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    Recurring Tasks in Nirvana

    I have Nirvana and paid extra to have the recurring option but it doesn't work like I thought it would. Is it correct that although it will show up on your focus list every day you don't actually check it off and at some point it moves to the next day or week depending on how you set it up...
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    New to Todoist questions about recurring items

    Hi all! I am new to todoist and am setting up for my family (children to have simple daily checklists) I've set up a recurring daily checklist, and love that I have the option to have tasks repeat from the day they were completed. Because there are times where we are sick or on vacation when...
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    Sorry if this has been a thread in the past. How do GTDers process and record daily/weekly/monthly/yearly chores? I'm thinking of mundane things like clean the fridge etc. I guess they are recurring activities so could be on a checklist?
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    GTD recurring actions/projects and sequential actions

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the GTD methodology and I'm fascinated by the psychology behind it (e.g. 2 minutes rule) as well as by the idea of doing actions in specific contexts. I haven't had particular issues trying to implement the methodology unti now, but I'm just struggling with...