Recurring Tasks in Nirvana

I have Nirvana and paid extra to have the recurring option but it doesn't work like I thought it would. Is it correct that although it will show up on your focus list every day you don't actually check it off and at some point it moves to the next day or week depending on how you set it up? The only work around that I can think of is to assign it a day then change the day to the next day you want to do after you have accomplished it.
Thanks. I have seen that video and it barely touches on recurring. Unfortunately I will probably be looking for a different program because when you choose recurring you see that item on your list 30 times if you choose daily and you don't actually click it after you complete it. Most programs just list it once then once you click that you have done it then it moves it to the next day. I can't seem to get any help from the Nirvana people. Wish I hadn't paid for it now.

Jared Caron

Nursing leader; GTD enthusiast
I just switched back to nirvana... I don't recall having this problem previously, and I am having trouble replicating your issue with recurring tasks showing up multiple times.

I think the way around this is to set a due date on your recurring task, which then allows you to pick when it will show in the focus list.