1. TimBourne

    Using thread text editor in order to restructure my previous posts to gain clarity

    What's the problem with myself? With neurological disorder - it creates brain fog which - therefore creates problem concentrating. When practicing GTD - you need concentration in order to maintain the system. "I made a previous post myself time literally - reviewing over book info going over...
  2. topshelf

    Quick Trigger List

    Have any of you ever drafted and implemented a "Quick Trigger List"? I came across this idea after David presented his vision for the "ultimate GTD app" at the most recent GTD Summit. (For anyone interested and with the PDF containing the software plans, I'm referring to page 4.) The PDF can...
  3. J

    GTD and Money Management

    Hey guys, quick question for you.. I wonder if anyone has noticed the similarities between GTD and managing your money. In the same way that David says 'you can only feel good about what youre not doing when you know what youre not doing' ie. You can only feel good about your current tasks when...