GTD and Money Management


Hey guys, quick question for you..

I wonder if anyone has noticed the similarities between GTD and managing your money. In the same way that David says 'you can only feel good about what youre not doing when you know what youre not doing' ie. You can only feel good about your current tasks when you know that this is the best use of your time and that there isnt any other more important or urgent tasks that you should be paying attention to instead.

I feel that your money is similar to this. You cant feel good about spending money if you dont know how much you have in your bank account, or you dont know if you'll maybe need that money for later.

GTD is about taking the tasks and work which is invisible inside your mind and making it visible so that you have some control and perspective over it. I feel that money management/budgeting/record keeping is similar to this; you are taking something intangible and writing it in a format (a financial statement) where you can see what is actually going on with your money.

I am just curious to get anyone's perspective on this. Do any of you see a similarity? What do you think? Have any of you applied GTD principals to your budgeting/record keeping? Do any of you know any good books on budgeting/record keeping and money management that are practical and actionable in the same way that GTD is.

Thanks for reading guys, take care!
Great thinking Jim! I would say GTD relates to all areas of life, including money. It's all about paying attention to what has your attention. And for many people, money goals or visions will land somewhere in the higher horizons as well.