Accountability Partnership


Hello GTD Friends,

I am looking to start an accountability partnership with at least one person.

Basically, I am hoping this partnership will serve to help us start or stick with a consistent habit of weekly reviews. And grow other habits over time through sharing insights, etc.

Even though this seems a little 'out there' to me -- I am open to doing the weekly review in parallel and sending brief email check into each other sharing how our progress is going. For example, "got inbox to empty, now reviewing next actions and project" then "done with next actions and projects, now reviewing last week calendar events and event scheduled for the next week." Of course, our personal weekly review will be completely different - but we can boost our partnership through sharing our personal process and perhaps inspire and educate each other. Perhaps, if we do the WR at different times, we can draft an email about our process and send it to each other to stay accountable, inspire each other through sharing our process, and make ourselves open to new suggestions/possibilities for process improvement.

This collaborative weekly review idea has been brewing for a little while -- AND, I am open to trying something completely different.

Whatever we decide, I am hoping we will engage with the process wholeheartedly.
If you are interested please send me a message!

A little random stuff about me: I am interested in GTD, meditation, nutrition/health, habit change/growth, morning and evening routines, and now, creating and maintaining mutually supportive accountability partnerships. ;)

Send me a personal message if this resonates with you!