weekly review

  1. A

    What makes a good weekly review?

    Think back to the last weekly review you felt good about. What made it a good weekly review? Why isn’t every review like that?
  2. M

    How to (quickly and efficiently) see if a project has a next action?

    I have read all kinds of threads here and elsewhere about whether or not it makes sense to "link" next actions in your GTD tool. Apparently I am not the first to have consternation over this. The consensus seems to be that you should not "link" next actions to a project directly. Instead, GTD...
  3. V

    Weekly review

    I got a few questions on what is my weekly review and how do my tickler tools participate in the review process. I thought I will document my process for answering that question. https://medium.com/@criticalmind/gtd-the-weekly-review-checklist-ba05175a69d5
  4. rmjb

    I'm bad at Weekly Reviews

    I've been feeling overwhelmed at work so I arranged a work from home day for today, with the goal to get an uninterrupted, high quality weekly review and regain a sense of control. I started at 9:30 am (30 minutes later than I planned) and finished at 4:30 pm, with only a 30 minute break for...
  5. L

    What are some examples of checklists you use in the weekly review?

    One of the items of the weekly review, under the "Get Current" heading, is the "Review any relevant checklists." Well, right now I don't have any such checklists and am wondering if I'm somehow missing out on something, or if I am making things too complicated by having implicit checklists in...
  6. G

    How often do you do your weekly review, really?

    What's your average review frequency? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc? Like many others on here, I love the philosophy and power of GTD but struggle with Weekly Reviews. I tend to review a little bit of the system every few days but don't often nominate a day to do a full, proper David...
  7. Y

    Project definition/format: full vs task+subtask form

    Hello all, (long thread -- brace yourselves :) ) I would like to get some feedback for what you think about how "projects" are defined and how they should accordingly be handled. Up until now, I have never adhered strictly to DA's rule that a project is anything that requires more than 1 step...
  8. B

    Weekly Review - separate or together for home and office

    Hi, I am working on re-establishing my GTD Weekly Review. One of the things I have struggled with over the past few years was how to do a weekly review for all of my responsibilities at work and running a household. I work outside the home full time, and was trying to figure out if I should be...
  9. V

    Accountability Partnership

    Hello GTD Friends, I am looking to start an accountability partnership with at least one person. Basically, I am hoping this partnership will serve to help us start or stick with a consistent habit of weekly reviews. And grow other habits over time through sharing insights, etc. Even though...
  10. @Newbie

    Juggling systems and 'jobs', how to review?

    Hi all, I have been getting into GTD over the last year and a half now. I finally managed to clear up the immense in-bucket i had sitting in my study. I though it was what kept me from doing a weekly review, turns out, it wasn't. In GTD terms my life is roughly divided into three jobs, job 1...
  11. S

    Weekly Review Accountability Buddy (accountabilibuddy)

    I was inspired by the "Beyond the Basics" webinar to find an accountability buddy to support each other in doing our weekly reviews. About Me: * I've been doing GTD for about five years, and consistent weekly reviews for most of it. However, I fell off the bandwagon a year ago, and am now...
  12. S

    What are your favourite Weekly Review rituals?

    I'm looking for ideas to make my Weekly Reviews more satisfying! One thing I do is put on my "Weekly Review" music playlist in iTunes. I picked songs that really get me in the mood. Occasionally I'll also take my lists with me on a walk in the park and do it on a park bench out in nature. What...
  13. JacDee

    Weekly review is stalled by getting inbox to zero

    I sat down at 10am this morning with two hours blocked to do a weekly review - but I have 215 unprocessed emails in my inbox! And they are all current i.e. received within the last 3 days. If I work to get my inbox to zero I am not going to get to the weekly review. Help!
  14. @Newbie

    Skipping the inbox, thoughts?

    Hello all, As i have expanded my GTD universe to have all of my lists readily available at all times on my phone I find myself not putting thoughts into the inbox, but instead i put them directly on the list where they 'belong', usually next actions or someday/maybe. Sometimes even projects...