Any suggestions for Evernote with the new tasks module


Any suggestions on how to implement GTD with the new Evernote tasks!

I have the current GTD Setup Guide for Evernote; but was wondering if the Evernote tasks could be implemented there.

And how could we do it?

Is there a plan to update the Evernote guide?


I have not the GTD set up guide which sure is great. I used Evernote for GTD but it was years ago, I was helped by a method call "after the book" I lost, and also another one I kept call "the secret weapon" Here is the link I found...
NB : Evernote has made huge progress you can make task, tags, folders, fix dead line and it is always easy to use

Now, I use EVERNOTE for reference matérial.

My own GTD system was on Nirvana since yesterday morning but for many reasons, I switched back to omnifocus, I made like it (OF is.a clone off NIRVANA like I made it - It looks like Nirvana, it has all functions of Nirvana but also those of Omnifocus ... So it is indeed more powerfull...) :) + I use URL links from EN & OF for going from one to another project.

Here is my own set up as reference material (sorry it is in French)

Capture d’écran 2021-09-29 à 09.29.55.png
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The obvious implementation is to have one note for each context, simply because Evernote does not provide enough functionality for more. Of course, this is not how Evernote apparently believes you should work and circumvents their vision of commingling next actions and project support.


The obvious implementation is to have one note for each context,
Yes indeed. When I made my EN system that's was the core principle. I used tags for context so that made
Note = Tasks
Tags = Contexts

PROJECTS wich included
Project X (Notebook) > Note= task + Context (@Call)
WAITING FOR (instead of ressources)

Make it simple !


I'm testing this out right now and would love any ideas from the community if you have it working smoothly with the new tasks feature.

Currently, I'm testing using the Tasks tool to be the source of truth for my Actions rather than a Notebook. I also have an Actions notebook where I can move things if needed, but often my tasks come from notes across many different notebooks and now I don't need to move the note.