Benefits of changing tools (for change sake)

Graeme Thom

So far so good! This is from the Windows desktop app.

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That said, it seems the way emojis are displayed on Windows/Web (PC) is different to mobile (iPhone). So on the Windows app the emoji for @homeoffice is not as clear as it was on mobile (much smaller too). And the sofa (@ikea) seems smaller. If I was to keep using the emojis then I'd probably look for symbols that are clearly visible on all platforms. However the wording of the context is the most important element and the images are just a "nice to have".


In my experience, changing tools, especially where there isn't an easy migration mechanism, is a net good thing because you end up being ruthless in what you transfer over. It's like moving to a new house, in that suddenly there is additional value in getting rid of the crap you accumulate and home field advantage no longer applies.


And also sometimes the net value of the change is the adjustment of your mental perspective about the process of organizing and execution of your tasks, and more carefully appreciate the subtleties of what and how you are doing things. I can imagine that going 100% hyper-scheduling would quickly reveal just how awesome say 5% hyper-scheduling would be.


I’ve changed because I write all of the GTD setup guides and it can help sometimes to fully immerse myself in the tool. Other times I’ve changed just because I want to try something new.
In my own experience of GTD I think I have " the award" of changing tools !

I selected a short list of tools which were Things, Nirvana and Omnifocus I used time to time :
I love Nirvana (100% GTD and so great but there is no real export/import to safe and import my datas) and Things (it's so beautiful and the mobile app in just so amazing) Sadly, these two tools are far away less powerful than Omnifocus...

Finally I stick with Omnifocus, this is why :
1. It tooks me a long learning curve to fully understand it, now, I know it by heart !!!
2. I can make every thing most of the others software are doing, thanks to the " perspectives "
3. I can show my items in two ways and see my data mainly like I want
4. As I invested all the time I found it was silly to use something else.
5. Omnifocus is imperfect but it works à 95% for GTD.

With Omnifocus I can make whatever I dream or want to do !
It is like a toolbox... So, OF is indeed a good software (PS I have no shares with omnigroup ;) )
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