1. rmjb

    Benefits of changing tools (for change sake)

    When I started GTD at the end of 2017 I started with a newly released app called Microsoft To-Do. It was early days for that app and it showed. ~6 months later I heard about Nirvana on a podcast and the description made it sound 100% aligned to GTD. I checked it out and quickly migrated to it...
  2. E

    Almost there - help with projects/sub projects/Next Actions and using Nirvana

    Hi! A really long title so its easier for people to understand what this is about. I did some searching, but to quote U2, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm finally going to commit to using GTD. I've listened to the audio book a few years ago and made a half hearted attempt at it...
  3. S

    Recurring Tasks in Nirvana

    I have Nirvana and paid extra to have the recurring option but it doesn't work like I thought it would. Is it correct that although it will show up on your focus list every day you don't actually check it off and at some point it moves to the next day or week depending on how you set it up...
  4. M

    If new project: when to create all necessary actions (using Nirvana)

    Hello, I started GTD a few months ago using NirvanaHQ and I love it. But something I don't quite understand. When starting a project, when do you create all actions? Option 1: whenever you want. Nirvana, when you do not make at least one action, the project doesn't appear on your next...
  5. Merinmel Caesg

    App Developer Presence at 2019 GTD Summit in Amsterdam

    I've read a couple of times in the forum that the developer of NirvanaHQ was present at (sponsoring?) the 2019 GTD Summit in Amsterdam. Were there developers of other apps present at and/or sponsoring the event?
  6. bcmyers2112

    Moving My GTD Lists From Evernote To Nirvana

    Recently I decided to migrate the bulk of my GTD lists (next actions, WFs, projects, someday/maybes) to Nirvana. I thought I'd share a little bit about what motivated the change and the results I've experienced (although admittedly it's only been two weeks since I made the switch). In the past...
  7. V

    Is Nirvana GTD app going to close?

    Hello All, I recently came across Nivrana app and was very impressed as it is close to GTD implementation. I was about to upgrade to pro but saw that they do not have any recent updates on their blog or twitter. Also, their Android app was updated long time back. So, I was worried if they are...
  8. bcmyers2112

    Looking for some Nirvana advice

    I feel like I'm at a point where I'm outgrowing using Evernote as my GTD list manager and I'm strongly leaning toward migrating to Nirvana. I intend to purchase the David Allen Co. setup guide but I'm hoping some Nirvana black belts (oh... @Longstreet... hi...) can help with one particular...
  9. S

    Nirvana HQ

    Hi, does anyone here use Nirvana? If so, do you use the time & energy settings? Also, how do you set priorities? Thanks Stephen
  10. C

    Next level, Nirvana, Area of Focus, complementary guide

    I decided to move away from toodledo after 8 years. Looking around in this forum I choose Nirvana as the next step. Thanks to your solid fundamentals! ;) I'm finding Nirvana extremely useful, for its great simplicity and I'm grateful to the Nirvana team because it help me to optimize further my...