Blind people that make the difference with GTD

Jacques Zetune

Jacques Zetune
Last year I had an extraordinary experience delivering the GTD Fundamentals training to a group of blind people in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I would like to share some points with you.

The training took place at ADEVA (Association of the visually impaired and friends), an NGO (non governmental organization) that offer courses for visually impaired people and I delivered the training with Ana Carolina Bernini, another certified GTD trainer. That would be, for both of us, the first experience like that.

First thing we were very impressed is how independent the students are. Using computers with screen readers installed in it they are able to do almost everything we (that are not blind) do.

Other thing that captivated us is how engajed the participants were, actively participating in most training activities.

At the end of the first part of the training, one of the students (ADEVA's CEO) showed us how he used the slate, a special tool to capture on paper. “Amazing, I have to show that to other people”, I thought. The link below is a short interview I did with him. Hope you enjoy it:

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