1. H

    Techniques for Getting Things Done by Others

    One Meaning of Management is to get things done through others, so it is the bottleneck for success of any manager to get things done by others. Also getting things done yourself is much easier then by others. Consequently there must be APPLICABLE/CONCRETE techniques to achieve such target . For...
  2. L

    Already Putting In The Time and Effort To Read and Quite Frankly I Just Wanna Stop Reading and Start Implementing.

    Hello GTDers! I've already read all of Part I, Chapters 4-6 fully, and Chapters 7 & 8 partially. Quite frankly I'm exhausted after reading all the chapters and I just want to start implementing the basics and parts of Part II, and then go back and read when I feel like I've mastered what's being...
  3. topshelf

    Quick Trigger List

    Have any of you ever drafted and implemented a "Quick Trigger List"? I came across this idea after David presented his vision for the "ultimate GTD app" at the most recent GTD Summit. (For anyone interested and with the PDF containing the software plans, I'm referring to page 4.) The PDF can...
  4. Folks

    GTD with Apple Reminders

    After having used in the past years different software systems for GTD like Things, Asana, Omnifocus and some more I have now come to Apple’s (new) Reminders - the reason: keep it simple. The software has furthermore been improved a lot. As Reminders now allows me to create Groups I use them...
  5. B

    How to train myself to "engage" from my system, not my head.

    Hi all! I've been doing my best to learn GTD over the past year or so, and I've noticed consistently that for me, the hardest thing about GTD is actually engaging using my system and not my head. In general I think I've gotten pretty good about getting everything out of my head, and I'm...
  6. V

    Weekly review

    I got a few questions on what is my weekly review and how do my tickler tools participate in the review process. I thought I will document my process for answering that question.
  7. E

    Handling dependent tasks that are not part of projects

    For dependent tasks that are part of a project, the general advice seems to be that they should go in project support materials until it's time for them to become next actions. But what about dependent tasks that aren't part of projects? For example, let's say I've just signed up for LinkedIn...
  8. TesTeq

    GTD App designed by David Allen himself!

    GTDers who attended the GTD Summit in Amsterdam know it but strangely nobody talks about it. During the Summit @DavidAllen unveiled some of his sketches of the killer GTD app user interface. He promised to show us all the drawings in near future. Isn't it awesome? @Oogiem @Longstreet @mcogilvie...
  9. tsolignani

    how do you handle permanent projects

    Most projects are groups of tasks, you do every one of them and voila you can close the project, it's done. Sometimes there are permanent projects though, such as "working on my blog" where there is no "final subtask" but the project stays open indefinitely. How do you handle those projects...
  10. ERJ1

    DonorsChoose to get my high school students copies of GTD for Teens

    Hi - huge disclaimer to begin - mods, if this is not ok, please lock/take the post down! I'm a high school teacher in a public school in Chicago and teach a really cool/unique class to 90 freshman students called Freshman Seminar. It's designed by a group called Umoja and it focuses on...
  11. J

    How detailed do you write your Next Actions?

    While I am continuously improving my means and ways on getting on the GTD methodology, I am just curious on how detailed do you write your Next Actions? David Allen said that NAs should be the next physical and visible next action, and my mind is literally absorbing this principle. If for...
  12. Michael Rubin

    Add Email to Kanban Board?

    I've implemented GTD and use a Kanban board to manage my lists. Here's where I'm getting stuck. I know you want to pull the task out of an email. If it takes more than 2 minutes, should I add that email/task to the Kanban board?
  13. Jacques Zetune

    Blind people that make the difference with GTD

    Last year I had an extraordinary experience delivering the GTD Fundamentals training to a group of blind people in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I would like to share some points with you. The training took place at ADEVA (Association of the visually impaired and friends), an NGO (non governmental...
  14. S

    Lotus Notes Email

    Good evening. Newbie here trying to figure out which main tool for GTD to use. We current Have Lotus Notes. But in three months were migrating to Outlook. So I hate to get started learning Lotus Notes and after then migrate everything and switch over to Microsoft outlook but this job is brand...
  15. Y

    Project definition/format: full vs task+subtask form

    Hello all, (long thread -- brace yourselves :) ) I would like to get some feedback for what you think about how "projects" are defined and how they should accordingly be handled. Up until now, I have never adhered strictly to DA's rule that a project is anything that requires more than 1 step...
  16. Hasan Bjaili

    How to handle depended task

    How to handle dependent tasks in GTD. For example: Task 1 (Check if product 1 or product 2 is the right one) Task 2A (Buy product 1) Task 2B (Buy product 2) Other example Task 1. RND buy a X car. Task 2. Go to car dealer and buy X car I know that task 2 (in the car example) depends on Task...
  17. Serenas

    New here :) GTD buddies to get better together

    Hello everyone! I've been happy to discover GTD just this year and I've been immersing myself in videos, podcasts, forums and trying to get better at it. This forum is amazing and I've found very valuable informations to build my system and it's great to hear about questions and supportive...
  18. J

    What Verbs do you use that are similar to the context of Waiting For

    It is pretty much clear what are Next Action Verbs. These are Physical and Visible Verbs which the doer is responsible to do. Period. However, if the doer is now the recipient or the Next Action Verb. Very much like "Waiting For". What Verbs do you typically use, or how would you handle such...
  19. C

    What to do with monthly recurring services?

    Hi all, So I'm quite new to GTD. I've spent two days in the weekend on the capture, clarify and organize step. I think it's going well with the exception of one type of action, namely my monthly recurring services I have to perform. Some background. I'm an online marketer. This means that I...
  20. J

    GTD Recommended Verbs

    Hi there! I have been using GTD Method with Evernote for months now, and I am still struggling to find my way hacking the GTD Method for my day to day living. One of the things I have noticed is the use of appropriate Verbs in determining the Next Physical Visible Actions, which is a...