Can Waiting For Lists be too long?


Just noticed a question I have no good answer for.

If a next action list gets too long, I move some next actions to someday/maybe.

What if the Waiting For list gets too long?
Split it up in lists for certain areas of responsibilities? I‘d never move them to someday/maybe, because usually they are just slowing me down anyway.

Looking forward to your thoughts.
If something is too long in time on any list, I either follow-up or change course of action


I must say I bend the rules a little here.
My WF List items have 'due dates', but they don't necessarily specify when I HAVE to get back to the person but when I want to SEE the item again.
Also, I might hurt the 'boundaries' rule I put tickler items there, so when a person says: Can you get back to me in 5 weeks, I will have time then (I always wonder, how they know ;)) my entry would look like Iif written today)

wf 220623 Get back to John about offer Linkedin coaching (beginning of August)

and have a due date in 6 weeks.

THEN I decide HOW I will get back to John.

So every day I just see the WFs that I wanna make a decision on.
Also usually WFs have a repeat function, so I remind the person and check it off (sometimes but not always I update the 6 digit date in the beginning-.... this is uncritial the 6 digit part might also look like "220112 220314" etc, so I have a log how often I got back to the person) which puts it in a tickler at some future time.
If the WF is resolved or changes into a NA, I just delete or rename/refile it.