waiting for

  1. S

    Waiting for multiple people

    Hi, how would you deal with a 'waiting for' item when you are waiting for an answer from multiple people? For example, I send an email to three people with a list of the current items I need them to review before I proceed with the changes they have requested. Would you list it as three discreet...
  2. Logan

    Can Waiting For Lists be too long?

    Just noticed a question I have no good answer for. If a next action list gets too long, I move some next actions to someday/maybe. What if the Waiting For list gets too long? Split it up in lists for certain areas of responsibilities? I‘d never move them to someday/maybe, because usually...
  3. V

    Where do I keep Next Actions that are held up by Waiting For?

    I have a number of people I consult for that have to accomplish tasks and pass me information before I can work on my portion of the project. When I have Next Actions that can only begin after clearing a Waiting For item, how do you connect the receipt of the Waiting For item to the list of...
  4. J

    What Verbs do you use that are similar to the context of Waiting For

    It is pretty much clear what are Next Action Verbs. These are Physical and Visible Verbs which the doer is responsible to do. Period. However, if the doer is now the recipient or the Next Action Verb. Very much like "Waiting For". What Verbs do you typically use, or how would you handle such...
  5. J

    GTD with EN: What happens to your Waiting For items (Notes)?

    I am just curious when an actionable item is deemed to be a Waiting For item, what do you with them? How do you manage them? Where do you organize them?