Can you recommend a Timer app for Windows (10)?

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    Can you recommend a Timer app for Windows?

    I want to quickly and easily set up
    A) "count-down timers" of pre-defined lengths of time (e.g. 2min, 5min, 10min, 20min, 40min, 60min)

    B) "stop watch": I also want to be able to time events from now.

    I would like to be able change the alarm sound to one of my choice.

    Ideally I would be able to start the timer of my choice using a single click on my Desktop (or Quick Launch pane at the bottom of the screen...)



    PS The background is that I normally use a physical device - a 4 way kitchen timer made by Salter. But it keeps bleeping when I transport it due to being touched accidentally in my briefcase.
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