Charles Duhigg on the Science of Habits

John Forrister

GTD Connect
Staff member
Charles Duhigg talks with David Allen about how habits work with individuals, and with teams. There is valuable information about how you can apply the science of habits in your GTD practice. This is from their live talk at the GTD Summit.




GTD'R 4 Life
Late to the party on this one...but did want to weigh in on how wildly impactful "the power of habit" was for me...because there were so many parallels to how, when and why I was and was not utilizing the GTD Methodology. At the very core of must become a "habit"...and for me..I had to break alot of bad habits to ensure GTD became the overarching Good Habit! Thank you John for the reminder to re-listen to this very powerful podcast, as David draws out some amazing pearls from Charles on his research and methodology. Then, ties it all back to GTD.