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    hi!! So let’s day you have ideal days to do next actions! How do you manage that? I’ve seen suggestions for time blocking but I am awful at keeping that so I will fall right into the trap DA warns us about! Buttt I do sometimes have to do certain things at a certain point.

    See image for example that I noticed in a blog post!

    What about things I REALLY should to do TODAY?

    Ps- I am using google keep as inbox and next action lists

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    Ok... so that looks like a screenshot from todoist and they've placed due dates on actions. This can work, but it can also set you up for confusion since you will have day specific things on your calendar and on one or more lists,

    If you find you are not "sticking" to your calendar it seems you may not fully trustthat part of your system. In that case I would suggest getting really clean and complete with your calendar. Trust the DA advice and put your day specific items on your calendar (if no time just place as an all day event)... And here's the kicker... Review your calendar frequently. If you need to decide what to do, calendar should be first thing to review, since it is the time sensitive Part of your system. once you trust your calendar for those items it will start to come together

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