next actions

  1. M

    How to (quickly and efficiently) see if a project has a next action?

    I have read all kinds of threads here and elsewhere about whether or not it makes sense to "link" next actions in your GTD tool. Apparently I am not the first to have consternation over this. The consensus seems to be that you should not "link" next actions to a project directly. Instead, GTD...
  2. B B

    Date/Time PREFERRED next actions

    hi!! So let’s day you have ideal days to do next actions! How do you manage that? I’ve seen suggestions for time blocking but I am awful at keeping that so I will fall right into the trap DA warns us about! Buttt I do sometimes have to do certain things at a certain point. See image for...
  3. sstrisik

    Input on the October 3rd webinar

    Hello fellow GTD Connect members: I'm looking forward to presenting the upcoming webinar, The Next Action: Lion, Tiger, or Bear? I'm going to talk about how to manage (and even transform) the constraints that get in the way of your productivity and flow over the course of the day. In...
  4. J

    When do you work through Next Actions list?

    I have a pretty good grasp on my GTD system. I would say I'm a red belt in capturing, keeping my inboxes empty on a regular basis, weekly review, clarifying next actions, organizing/managing my lists, and most of the other basic priniciples of GTD. My issue is I do not have a good system for...
  5. Coachrubi

    Projects and next actions

    When you create a project, do you have the next actions for that project in the same notebook or page with that project, or does it go on a separate next actions list? If it does go on a separate list, do all next actions for each of your projects, let's just say you have 10 projects you're...
  6. T

    Task switiching (not necessarily context)

    As we know the core of GTD are next actions. These are the nearest, physical actions that can be done asap considering context, time, energy i priority. Concerning granularity lots of people recommend "size" which allows done task in one sitting. This seems to be reasonable because there are...
  7. kerem parlakgumus

    Approaching Next Actions for each to do, specifying beginning date

    Dear All, My name is Kerem Parlakgumus. I am very happy to be able to contact with all GTDers. Warm greetings from Adana, Turkey. I stuck with "next actions" subject. For each actionable item, I fill the table below to be able to specify my next actions...
  8. Helen Wright

    What to do when my Next Action is "Brainstorm"?

    Hi All Fringe GTDer trying to get more on top of my work life, and recently have spent a lot of time Collecting and Processing into Outlook Tasks (only tool my company will allow me to use, but I've got it to work). I've done a Guided Weekly review just now and my issue is a lot of my Next...
  9. andyphickman

    Have I Been Completely Misunderstanding the Next Actions List?

    Should the next actions list only contain the very next action for all my active projects? Another way to phrase this is: If I have 50 active projects, and have generated 200 total actions for those projects while clarifying, should my next actions list not contain 200 actions, but rather only...
  10. J

    Next Actions and Projects - with Evernote

    Once a Next Action has been determined as a part of a Project, do you dissect the Project and come up with Multiple Next Actions, and return (organize) them to the Next Action Notebooks? or leave them in the Project's Notebook