Digital reference files: how do you approach it?

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    Yeah and typing is at a snails pace and fraught with errors no matter what machine you use.
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    My Digital Reference is in Google Drive (I use Mac with column view)
    General Reference Directory.png
    Top Level Hierarchy is:
    0 Inbox
    1 Project Support
    2 General Reference
    3 Completed Projects (& Inactive)​

    Color Coded across all apps I use: Red = Hot = actionable, Blue = Cold = Not Actionable. Very useful, would recommend

    I have a very small filing stand on my desk for originals like passport, ssn, & my checkbook, and I keep enough space in there for active documents I'm not sure if I can throw away yet like recent receipts still under the return policy and recent finance/legal mail where the original is just more convenient if something pops up in the next month.

    besides that, all paper goes into my physical in tray to be digitized or eliminated on the next processing

    What I still haven't integrated fully are Chrome bookmarks and Google Keep.
    Google Keep is the most natural way for me to capture
    • medium length thoughts from my phone
    • combined media like a picture of a beer I really liked with two sentences about why
    What I'm going to try is to treat Google Keep as another Digital In Tray, where everything gets archived once added to a tag. I'll use the tags in Google Keep as if they were Folder names in my "2 General Reference" directory. and keep some of my reference lists there like "Beer I liked" "Food I liked" "Architecture I like" etc.
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