GTD on the move...

Yiannis Miliatsis

Hello to all fellow GTDers. I am from Greece and i work as a Regional Representative of Associates for a large company. I am also a GTD practitioner for the last 3 years and love the ability to take on projects and create new opportunities by having a clear and creative mind.

Since I am always on the move and do not have an office i keep everything mobile using Evernote and the company CRM (SalesForce). Lately i found myself feeling restraint by the small phone screen and the unproductive laptop (open in, connect, connect to vpn, write, close it) so I ordered a Surface clone for a tablet.

Do you have any experience with GTD on the move and any advices? And also, i use SalesForce but would like to have my leads in Evernote. Any thoughts there???

Thank you in advance!