How to Activate GTD Outlook Addin now.


Does anyone know how to activate the GTD Outlook Add-in now.

My Add-in stopped working claiming it could not reach the activation server. I understand it is end-of-life and not supported, but I was able to activate it a few months ago. Not sure if the activation server was still running at that time, or if I found some way to activate that I have now forgotten.

There seems to have been a KB article on how to activate, posted by Netcentrics. But it's no longer online, and I cannot find it any an web cache.

You can see it here:
It says "You can activate GTD without using a license key by following these directions using certain diagnostic applications. The intent of this article is to allow the most dedicated to keep GTD after Aug. 31, 2016. For those, copy these instructions, save..."

Unfortunately, I cannot find the full article anywhere. Does anyone have those instructions?

Thanks in advance

John Forrister

GTD Connect
Staff member


Thank you! Fortunately the binary files required were still available to download, and the process worked perfectly.



I haven't been able to get the process of licensing to work. My date shows as Jan like the notes say and from there I'm stuck! Can anyone help????