Looking for David Allen Fedon Inbox (or something very similar)

Steve Savanna

Hi -

I know this has been asked over the years but does anyone know where to find David Allen's Fedon Inboxes? I can't find anything quite like it and wondering if anyone has any ideas?



Fedon themselves seem to have upgraded their line of products. I think they are lost forever. No way to buy them. I also did not stumble upon something very similar, i.e. in identical look, for quite some time now.

OF user

Looks like the only way is to go to one of their stores in Italy or get lucky on eBay. They still make in trays (A4 size). They look like the photo above without the metal bracing around the outside, and I believe they are made of faux leather.

Josh Mitchell

Steve, if and when you find them, please share with me. I would like to purchase 4-8 one day!!! (I can dream, right?!)

Until then, I found these to be the best alternative. Sleek and side-loading: