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Ariadne Marques

Probably the best what you can do is creating a references notebook(with items) as your project template. Each time when you need you can make a copy of this notebook (popup menu) and convert a copy into the project(popup menu).
Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted!

Ariadne Marques

Really easy @Ariadne Marques

as @Mateusz says, as simple as that:

1. Create a reference list and call it a project template x
2. Right mouse button and "Make a copy"
3. Select the new copy > Right mouse button "Convert to project".

Voila! you have your template reference list converted into a project. You can have as many templates as you want.

You can see the process there

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View attachment 675
Awesome! That clarifies it for me perfectly! Thanks so much for the help :)


I’m surprised that most of you find Nirvanas slow update rate bothering.

To me that’s a huge upside.