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Ariadne Marques

Really easy @Ariadne Marques

as @Mateusz says, as simple as that:

1. Create a reference list and call it a project template x
2. Right mouse button and "Make a copy"
3. Select the new copy > Right mouse button "Convert to project".

Voila! you have your template reference list converted into a project. You can have as many templates as you want.

You can see the process there

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Awesome! That clarifies it for me perfectly! Thanks so much for the help :)


Last tweet from Nirvana
“Hi! The app is in active development, we've already introduced Desktop beta app this summer and a bunch of updates is coming in the future, including highly demanded feature as API, Attachments, Reminders and some app integrations:)

Who can’t wait? :)
do we have any news about attachment and reminders?


I would like to share with you something that I have just figured out. Maybe it will be useful for new users.

Nirvana has an Area of Focus feature. The only problem is that you can see either all the Areas or one Area at the same time. There is no way to choose only Areas that belong to your private or professional life. And here is a simple solution.
What I did is I added a prefix to my professional and private areas.

pro: A
pro: B
pro: C

priv: A
priv: B
priv: C

and now I can use a search pattern like this:
"in:next -pro:" as a result I get all items which belong to my private areas.

and conversely "in:next -priv:" will bring all items from professional areas.

What is absolutely great I can also use the traditional filter bar inside these lists to filter contexts, contacts, etc.

So simple, so powerful.
Where canI find the advanced search option for Nirvana?

Humberto Pérez

I moved to Nirvana (from Nozbe) about a week ago. And since then I only ran into one point of friction, assigning tasks to a project. When clarifying and organizing and wanting to assign an item from the Inbox to a project I run into two challenges (using the web app).

What methods in Nirvana do you all use to do this?

1. Assigning an item to an existing project.
- When dragging/dropping the item, it disappears from the inbox. This prevents any more editing without searching for the action in the project. Some discipline and adding the task to a project as the last step might solve this.
- When using the menu on the right side of an item while editing it the actual list of projects is too large to comfortably choose the correct project.

2. When an item requires a new project.
- When using the keyboard shortcut (P) to create a new project, it jumps to the project. After which I have to return to the Inbox and assigning the action to the newly created project.

Maybe I was too spoiled with how Nozbe handled this, but I would love to have a Project edit field with similar behaviour to the Tags field. This would also allow only using the keyboard while clarifying and organizing.

1. I first rewrite the item properly (clarify it) and then drag&drop it to the existing project.

2. I make a copy of the item, rewrite it properly and convert it to a project. Then, go to step above with the original item.

Jared Caron

Nursing leader; GTD enthusiast
Hi, does anyone here use Nirvana?

If so, do you use the time & energy settings? Also, how do you set priorities?


Hey there. Not actively using Nirvana but did for a while. It is very much a favorite. In fact, I still toy with the idea of switching back it was so GTD-minded.

I used the energy and time features sparingly. My rule of thumb was if the time or energy required would act as a constraint that might prevent me from doing it, I would consider using the tag. So generally things at the higher end of the spectrum (long time, or high energy) tended to get the tags.
This seemed to be a good balance of taking advantage of the feature versus over-complicating what should be a straightforward organizing process.

Dave Edwards

I still use it and have for many many years. I love it. It’s not terribly flashy but it does what I need it to do. I have investigated other systems and most of them seem over built for me. I am not at all disappointed that it hasn’t evolved more over the years. But there lack of communication always make me worry that it will just disappear with little notice. Poof. Customer relations doesn’t seem terribly important.

Inhuman Artist

I've just moved from Evernote heavily tabs based to Nirvana. I would love to have everything in one place but use Nirvana as my list manager but not sure if ref will work well here. Also I am using outlook as my calander. I know it has scheduled but worry this will not do everything I need.


I've just moved from Evernote heavily tabs based to Nirvana. I would love to have everything in one place but use Nirvana as my list manager but not sure if ref will work well here. Also I am using outlook as my calander. I know it has scheduled but worry this will not do everything I need.

No one tool is going to do everything you need. In my experience, those that promise they can fall far short. I use Nirvana for my action lists, projects, etc. I use Nirvana for some checklists but in general my reference lives in Evernote. My calendar lives in Outlook. GTD behaviors are the glue that binds these disparate tools together for me.

Graeme Thom

Very pleased to see this!

Agreed! Good to see these developments in the NirvanaHQ pipeline.

Just curious... the update included the following point about being able to permalink to projects etc. However I'm not exactly sure how this feature could be used. Does anyone have any ideas?

And you can copy the URL to permalink to any list or project.

If I click the link to a "test" permalink on my iPhone it just takes me to the app but not to the specific linked project.

If I'm on a web browser I have to log in. Just not quite grasping how this permalink feature could be effectively utilised.

I guess one way would be if you had project support material in another app (like Evernote or Notion or iThoughts) and you had the permalink noted as a reference point in that material to aid quickly jumping to the project list - assuming you are already online.